Winster Parish Council

Serving the people of Winster

Clerk RFO: Trisha Dale

Tel: 07703 514551

Winter Maintenance

During the winter period the parish council provides a winter service to supplement that provided by the highway authority, Derbyshire County Council. The winter service provided by the parish council includes:

  • the provision and maintenance of ten grit bins located throughout the village;
  • participation in Snow Warden Scheme operated by Derbyshire County Council.

Grit Bins

The parish council provides ten grit bins to supplement four bins provided by Derbyshire County Council. Locations for all grit bins can be found here.

The grit provided is for use on a self help basis to clear public pavements and roads only. It is not for use on private property.

If you are caught taking grit or salt for use on private property, such as driveways, you may be prosecuted.

Please use the grit sparingly, as it is expensive to purchase and can be damaging to the environment if used incorrectly. 10g of grit (rock salt) per metre square is sufficient to treat ice and light snow fall. 20g per square metre will treat up to 10cm of compacted snow.

If you discover an empty grit bin please report it here quoting the reference number shown on the bin - example shown above. If there is no reference number shown on the bin please contact us giving us the location of the empty grit bin.

Snow Warden Scheme

For the last eight years the parish council has participated in the Snow Warden Scheme, run by Derbyshire County Council. The scheme works on a voluntary basis and basically volunteers respond to winter events.

We ask our volunteers to:

  • be on standby to deal with snowfall between October and April
  • clear ice and snow from pavements identified in the Snow Plan
  • report latest local area wintry conditions
  • report situations that effect vulnerable residents
  • report empty grit bins

In return the council will:

  • provide basic training on how to clear snow
  • provide snow clearing equipment
  • provide personal protective - hi-vis vest and gloves
  • allocate you to a working area and provide you with a plan.

We are currently recruiting volunteers for this coming winter and if you would like to help the local community then please contact us to register.