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Winster Parish Council Residents Survey

Winster Parish Council Residents Survey

The parish council has a responsibility to be well informed about local views so that we can represent the interests of all our parishioners. To that end, we are seeking the views of Winster residents via a resident's survey. The aim of the survey is to collect information about problems, concerns or opportunities for the parish. Any person in your household may submit their own separate response. The survey is available here. Paper copies of the survey are available at the shop. All responses should be submitted by the 22nd December 2019. Paper copies should be returned to the shop by the closing date. We will then review responses, collate the results and let you know the outcome of the survey at the start of the New Year. We look forward to receiving your valuable feedback which will inform and direct the work of the parish council.

If you have any questions about the survey, please contact Councillor Dave Robinson 650395

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